How to Create A Whatsapp Last Seen Checker app UI Design in 2022

If you are a Whatsapp user like me you need to check out anyone’s WhatsApp last seen. But what to do if he or she hides his last seen from WhatsApp? By reading this article you can create a Whatsapp Last Seen Checker app UI Design and by following this UI design you can create an app for WhatsApp’s last seen tracker. You can create this app by yourself or hire any developer.

Last, Seen is the best and easiest app to use if you want to know what your family is doing on WhatsApp. Later, Seen was made with the whole family in mind. It lets you know when your kids and other family members go online and offline on WhatsApp and gives you helpful information about what they do online.

Create A Whatsapp Last Seen Checker app UI Design

We recommend using Compose, Android’s declarative UI toolkit, to make new UIs. Google made Compose make UI development easier and faster. You can use less code, more powerful tools, and easy-to-understand Kotlin APIs.

What is Apps UI Design?

UI design is the part of the design that focuses on how an app or website looks and feels. UI design is about how things look, while UX design is about how the user feels.

Here’s how to develop a fantastic, usable mobile app interface. This article covers mobile app design fundamentals. I’ll then cover how you and we can create and execute design requirements. Finally, I cover testing and future actions.

Why is UI Design Important for Apps?

A good UI/UX structure keeps users on the site and helps businesses gain loyal customers. A good user interface (UI) allows the app to load faster and gives users a great experience in terms of navigation, look, and feel. This helps grow the customer base. Ultimately, it all comes down to getting people to trust you.

Studies show that people decide a website’s credibility based on how it looks 75% of the time. But you should also be aware that a good UI with a bad UX won’t get you what you want. In the same way, an application can’t be the best if it has a good user experience but a lousy interface. If you get both right, you’ll get precisely what you want since UI and UX branding are essential.

UI Design Requrements:

As the job includes parts of programming, psychology, and digital design, a UI designer needs to have specialized training in all of these areas to make good products and services. You must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Graphic Design, or a similar field.

UI designers are usually good at what they do because they like bringing abstract ideas to life and working with clients to improve their business marketing platforms.

Continued learning and research about user interface (UI) trends and the latest design strategies and technologies

  • Adobe Photoshop and other programs for visual design that you know how to use well.
  • 2–4 years of proven experience making and putting UI design into action
  • Learn how to create storyboards and site maps.
  • Ability to work well with others in a team setting to make top-performing interfaces
  • Professional writing skills and people skills
  • Ability to set priorities and handle multiple projects and milestones well
  • Coding experience and the ability to fix problems in HTML, CSS, and other similar languages
  • Expertise in solving problems and the ability to use data in the best way possible

How DesignWhatsapp Saw Tracker Apps UI Using Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a tool for designing UX and UI made by Adobe Inc. With Adobe XD, it’s easy to make a mobile app. It helps quickly make prototypes and wireframes. Let’s learn how to use Adobe XD to create a mobile app. In this article, we’ll go over the steps in detail. Not only that. We will also talk about a solid alternative to Adobe XD that is getting worldwide attention.

Let’s learn how to use Adobe XD to make a WhatsApp last-seen tracker app. The example below is a guide to creating an Adobe XD app design.

  • Start a new project.

First, you have to go to the Adobe XD website to get the software package. Get the most recent version that works with your device. You could also get the Adobe XD mobile app. You can also get the wireframe kit by downloading it.

  • Make a prototype background for your Adobe XD App Design Set Header.

Open File > Import. Click “Import” in the menu bar. From the text panel, you can choose the fonts and sizes you want. Fill in the background color as well.

  • Adding content to your Adobe XD app design

You can now move on to the next step, adding the information or text you want on the screen space. You can also fit the text on specific screens by cutting or cropping the picture to meet the planning design. Who can do this in several different ways?

  • Set up a Content Grid.

Adobe app design already has some excellent features built in. You don’t have to copy and paste the same content multiple times. Hold Shift and click Repeat on the keyboard. You can go ahead and make copies and change them.

DesignWhatsapp Saw Tracker Apps UI Using Adobe XD

  • Make a new artboard.

Select the Artboard tool from the toolbar to create a new layout page. For our illustration, we decided to use the iPhone6 template.

  • Make a page for a project.

Let’s look at a glimpse of the pages once the flow has been arranged across them. Use the home icon to set up a homepage for your website.

  • Connect the Pages

Lastly, you can link the app screens together by stitching them together. A menu that floats above the page will appear when you click on Home Page. From this menu, you can choose animations that fit the design of your app. Do the same thing for all of the app screens.

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FAQs About Create A Whatsapp Last Seen Checker app UI Design

Q.1. What do UI designers do?

UI designers make all of the screens that make up a digital user interface and the parts that go on each screen. So, they think about the layout of each screen as a whole and how all the different screens fit together.

Q.2. Which one is easier to use: Figma or XD?

If you need to work with other people a lot during the design process, Figma is the clear winner. If you like being able to change how third-party plugins work, you might like Sketch better. If you already know how to use Adobe’s interface from its Creative Cloud ecosystem, it might be easier to learn how to use Adobe XD.

Q.3. How much does a UI designer get paid?

In India, UI/UX Designer salaries range from 2 Lakhs to 15.0 Lakhs, with 6 Lakhs being the average annual salary.


Customers choose an app over one with better features because it looks better. So, app design is a make-or-break factor for any mobile or web app. Using Adobe XD to make an app is easy and convenient. But it can be challenging for beginners to use Adobe XD to create prototypes for mobile apps. The only people who should use Adobe app design are those already familiar with Adobe software.

With Wondershare Mockitt, you can make a mobile app prototype that looks great, even if you don’t know how to code! Even better, it was free! You can choose from thousands of templates and get help at any time of day or night. Use this tool right away!

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