How to Get Back your Banned Number from Whatsapp in 2022

Is Whatsapp banned your number, Don’t worry In this article we will discuss how to get back your banned number from Whatsapp. WhatsApp has terminated 2.3 million Indian accounts and received 600 complaints. Previously, it suspended 30.28 lakh Indian accounts for violating its terms of service. “We issued our fifth monthly report for September under I.T. Rules 2022.

How to Get Back your Banned Number from Whatsapp in 2022

This user-safety report highlights user complaints and WhatsApp’s response, as well as WhatsApp’s preventative measures to counteract abuse.

About Whatsapp Number Banned

WhatsApp has been a popular social communication medium for over a decade. Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp worldwide. WhatsApp works for casual and formal conversations. WhatsApp is used by families, friends, coworkers, and companies.

According to a report, it’s one of the most time-consuming social networking networks. WhatsApp has a dent despite its praises. Save A Permanently Banned WhatsApp Account; Many WhatsApp users recently claimed that their accounts were permanently blocked.

How To Know Whatsapp Banned My Number?

My Whatsapp number has been blocked. All Whatsapp users want to know how to get unbanned. Whatsapp is a social media app that has become very popular because of its many features, such as being able to send text messages, share videos and files, and make video and voice calls. Whatsapp has a few rules that users must follow.

If they don’t, Whatsapp Banned My Number Solution happens. Which would make those people look for “My Whatsapp Number Is Banned, How to Unban it.” One of the main reasons why things like Whatsapp Banned My Number Solution happen is because people don’t follow the rules. But there are also some other reasons, which I will list below.

Use of Whatsapp Modified version if you use a MOD version of WhatsApp like Whatsapp G.B., WhatsApp Plus, etc., you could be banned temporarily or permanently.

  • Bulk Whatsapp SMS

The rules of the WhatsApp Community say that you can’t send Bulk Messages. Spam is what people call it when they send many messages on WhatsApp.

  • Poor Content

You could be banned immediately if you send inappropriate content to someone’s chat or a group.

Why Whatsapp Banned My Number?

You must know why your account may be banned before proceeding. Five reasons most WhatsApp accounts are banned. There are some reasons why WhatsApp banned our number and how you get back your banned number from Whatsapp.

Illegal posting & spamming

Most WhatsApp users are banned for violating group rules and third-party privacy. Spamming implies sending unsolicited, unwanted, and unsubstantiated communications to individuals, especially those who don’t know you.

Most spammer and victim statistics come from shared groups. Some victims report them to WhatsApp LLC and ban them, while others notify the group admin. Those that upload irrelevant material (or spam) are deleted and perhaps reported to WhatsApp after repeated warnings.

Using Modified WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus, G.B. WhatsApp, and programs that purport to transport WhatsApp messages across phones are modified versions. Unapproved third-party applications violate WhatsApp’s TOS. Using a third-party app outside WhatsApp business and Whatsapp messenger might lead to a suspension.

Adding Members To Groups Without Their Permission

People might get kicked out of WhatsApp by adding people to groups without permission. As a company that deals with information, WhatsApp follows strict rules about data privacy. If the algorithm did that, anyone who adds people to groups for no reason could be banned.

Even if the algorithm doesn’t always catch this, the people who were added to groups without their permission could ask the account to remove them. If your WhatsApp account was banned, please check to ensure you didn’t do anything wrong. Even so, you know better now.

Creating Multiple Whatsapp accounts

A Reddit member said that her WhatsApp account was abruptly suspended, and despite several messages to the business, she received no response. Thieves may suspend accounts using their phone numbers.

According to research, attackers first download WhatsApp and enter the victim’s number. Two-factor authentication provides a notice to the victim when this is found, but owing to the attacker’s repeated (failed) attempts, the account is blocked, denying both the victim and the attacker access.

The prohibition will likely be removed in a day. Don’t confuse this with registering a corporate WhatsApp account; the numbers are different. By following those steps you can get back your banned number from Whatsapp.

How to Get Back Your Banned Whatsapp Number?

WhatsApp will update its vanishing messages feature to enable users to erase chat messages after a predetermined time. According to The Verge, WhatsApp users may automatically erase one-on-one messages for all new conversations. All platforms now have the new functionality, the business claimed.

Get Back Your Banned Whatsapp Number

These are the step-by-step instructions for regaining access to a WhatsApp account permanently suspended.

Contact WhatsApp Support:

Sending a message to the help desk is all left to do.

  • Support may be accessed by selecting the menu item at the bottom left of the screen. It opens in a new tab or window.
  • Please provide a summary of the situation in the first text box.
  • Eventually, you’ll have to choose. Unfortunately, after tapping on it, it didn’t answer my query. Do you know whether your question has already been answered in our FAQ?
  • To proceed, choose Next in the top right corner. Instantaneously, the app will email the message to [email protected].

You may also use visual evidence like screenshots and images to support your claims. Just give them time to look into it and devise a solution.

Within 48 hours of submitting your request, the support staff will decide whether or not your reason is sufficient to reinstate your number.

Using the B.U.I method:

This strategy implies Backup, uninstall, and installation. If you utilized a third-party version of WhatsApp and they disabled your account, try this method. In such a situation, you should back up your emails. Then, import them when the embargo was lifted. There is a way that how to get back your banned number from Whatsapp.

  • Select More options.
  • Go to the Chats page.
  • Click on Save conversations.
  • Start up the File Manager app.
  • Look for a folder on your computer called “G.B. WhatsApp.”
  • Once you find it, change its name to “WhatsApp” only.
  • Most likely, it’s “More” or the three dots at the top right, then “Rename.”

After That

  • Choose one of the programs below to install.
  • You can use WhatsApp on both Android and iOS.
  • Give me your phone number, please.
  • Accept a phone call or type in a code sent to your phone number as a text message to confirm.
  • You’ll see a screen that says, “Backup found.”
  • From the menu, choose Restore. Tap the next button. Your conversations from WhatsApp have now been brought in.
  • Your chat history is automatically returned if you use WhatsApp Plus, G.B. WhatsApp, or Yo WhatsApp.

After your WhatsApp account has been successfully restored, you should get rid of any other WhatsApp apps you have, like G.B. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, so that you don’t get banned for good by WhatsApp for having multiple accounts tied to the same phone number.

Create a new number-based Whatsapp account:

If none of the above solutions works, you can move on. What about all the things I bought with my old account? Is there any way to get back your banned number from Whatsapp?

We’re worried that they may no longer be able to be found. It may seem like a hard choice, but it can be made. Get a new phone number, download the official app, and try hard not to mess up this time.

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FAQs About Get Back your Banned Number from Whatsapp

Q.1. If my number is permanently banned, can I use it again?

If a number has been permanently blocked, there is no possibility that it may be reactivated in the future.

Q.2. What does Whatsapp let you do?

If you don’t find the right way to get back your banned number from Whatsapp. Although you have access to send messages, share videos, and files, and make voice and video calls.

Q.3. Can I use the virtual number for WhatsApp?

You can easily find free virtual phone numbers, and you only need one of them to sign up for WhatsApp. With this virtual number, you can use WhatsApp like any other number.


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