How to Run iOS on Android Smartphone in 2022 – Best Way to install iOS on Android Phone

Are you going to install iOS on Android smartphone? in this details article, we will discuss step by step process to Run iOS on Android smartphones. Read the article and follow those steps you can easily set up iOS on your android smartphone.

Run iOS on Android Smartphone

iOS launchers provide the greatest iOS experience on Android phones. We downloaded and used a few. Some iOS launchers break and don’t crop icons properly. The finest iOS launcher that mimics iOS is given below. We believe you’ll like these iOS-like Android apps. Let’s begin.

Difference Between iOS on Android

Android is a more open system than iOS, which is a closed system. In iOS, users don’t have many system permissions, but in Android, it’s easy to change how their phones work.

The Google Play store is where you can get apps for Android, and the Apple app store is where you can get apps for iOS.

Android software is available for phones made by a lot of different companies, like Samsung, Redmi, etc., which may cause some quality issues in cheaper phones. But Apple has strict control over iOS, and since there aren’t many models, there isn’t a problem with quality.

Common Things Between iOS and Android

Here are some ways in which iOS and Android are the same as each other:

The main things that iOS and Android can do are the same. Both iOS and Android phones can make calls, send texts, browse the web, video chat, use maps, respond to voice commands, etc.

iOS on Android

Both iOS and Android devices have a status bar that shows things like the time, battery life, app notifications, wifi, and so on.

iOS and Android have a lot in common when it comes to how they work. Both of these allow you to swipe, tap, pinch, and zoom on their phone screens, among other things.

You can Run iOS on android smartphone and get a feel like iPhone, But you can’t experience android on iOS.

How to install iOS on Android Phone Step By Step

If you want to put iOS on an Android phone, you don’t have to “root” it. Just get the software from the “Sources” section of this page and put it on your computer. Then, hook your phone up to your computer. Open the program you downloaded and do what it says step by step.

Android software can be used on iOS

In this case, several applications can be used to get the work done. Both are free and cost money. In this part, however, free programs are not the focus, so they are never suggested. Since the paid programs get the same results as the free ones, this is why. Users should stick to the process that goes with the free program so they don’t get tricked. Here are the steps to Run iOS on Android Smartphone:

How to Run iOS on Android Step-by-Step:

  1. Download the iOS on Android application to your PC. As the file is in zip format, it is recommended that the file be extracted.
  2. After launching the installer, the “Program Files” folder must be chosen on the PC. Note that the x86 folder is not the target in this situation.
  3. After the installation is complete, open the software.
  4. The Android must then be linked to the computer via a USB cord.
  5. The user must then choose all essential choices for installation in the next step. This will guarantee that just the essential functionalities are deployed. The “Install” button in the bottom-right corner must.
  6. Then be hit to ensure that iOS has been successfully installed on Android.

This also concludes the procedure in its entirety. Once installation is complete, the Android interface will resemble the image below.

get ios on android step by step

Replace Android’s User Interface with iOS

This is also an easy step-by-step process to run iOS on android smartphone. Follow the steps below to make sure you get the best result.

  1. Start the process by opening the Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Get the app called “Lock Screen OS 9” and put it on your phone. The app was made by a company called “AppPro OS Studio.”
  3. The click screen needs to be turned on in the app’s settings.
  4. Set the phone’s PIN code using the same Settings menu.
  5. Set the “Lock Screen Wallpapers” to give the Android the same look as the iOS.
  6. Find the iOS theme to move forward.
  7. Put the “Tech 9 theme” from the best theme team on your computer.
  8. The theme should be put into action to make sure the work is done. This also finishes the process in full.

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FAQ about Run iOS on Android Smartphone Step By Step

Q.1. Why is Apple’s iOS quicker than Google’s Android?

To compete with high-end Android phones, Apple does not need to include specs that are exceptionally powerful since the company controls its manufacturing from beginning to end. iPhones are superior to Android phones in terms of their speed, smoothness, and overall quality because the Qualcomm processors used in Android phones are far more sluggish than those found in iPhones.

Q.2.Does Android utilizes more RAM than iOS?

On average, there is around 40% less RAM. Consequently, assuming all else is equal, an iPhone will use 40% less RAM than an Android phone to store the same amount of applications.

Q.3. Is 2GB RAM sufficient for iOS?

While app-by-app RAM utilization is comparable across iOS and Android, iPhones effectively “freeze” programs while they are not active, using less RAM overall.


As you can see, getting a user experience similar to that of run iOS on android smartphone may be accomplished in several different methods, some of which are straightforward while others need more work. After converting the user interface of your Android smartphone, you will not, under any circumstances, lose any of the pictures or movies stored on it. Following the download of the launcher, both personal information and other data stored on the phone should continue to be accessible.

We hope that we might be of use to you in some way. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family if you think this information to be useful. We have gathered a variety of video tutorials and troubleshooting instructions for cell phones. Many thanks for reading!

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