20 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android in 2022- 100% Genuine BP Monitor Apps

The good news is that you can use a Bluetooth BP monitor with the Health app on your Android device. We think these alternatives will meet your needs. In this article, we will discuss the best blood pressure apps for android.

Let’s start with the basics and examine the Samsung Health app. The purpose of this app is to keep track of your health and exercise statistics. It measures your activity level, heart rate, and blood pressure.

20 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android in 2022

After downloading the app to your phone, you’ll need to link it to a blood pressure monitor that works with it. Launch the app and choose “Settings” to make the necessary adjustments.

Now choose “Bluetooth” from the menu. An inventory of suitable gadgets needs to appear.

Select your blood pressure monitor from the list and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the pairing procedure.

Your blood pressure readings may be seen on the Samsung Health app after you’ve synced your BP monitor with the app. Your weight, body mass index, and heart rate are just some of the many health metrics you may record.

To keep tabs on your health, the Samsung Health app is an excellent choice. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t replace your doctor’s visits. Please see a physician or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any health-related questions or concerns.

What are Blood Pressure Apps?

The Blood Pressure App is a trustable, secure, and quick tool that can help you find information about your blood pressure (BP), track changes in your BP, and get good lifestyle tips that will help your health. You might not be able to get all the BP info you need in one app.

When you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, lowering your readings might be a continual source of anxiety. We have selected the finest applications to track, monitor, and assist you in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Now, Let’s talk about the 20 best blood pressure apps for android.

Top 20 Blood Pressure Apps List

  1. Pulsepoint Respond
  2. Sleep Cycle
  3. Corneum
  4. Blood Pressure Diary
  5. Welltory
  6. Fit Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  7. Instant Heart Rath
  8. Heart Rate Plus
  9. Blood Pressure Log
  10. Withings Health Mate
  11. Calm
  12. Blood Pressure Monitor
  13. Pacer
  14. Blood Pressure Companion
  15. Cardiogram
  16. Qardio
  17. Blood Pressure Diary
  18. Omron Connect
  19. Bloodpressuredb
  20. My Diet Coach

Details of Top 20 Blood Pressure Apps for Android

All Apps are very easy to use and user-friendly, so you don’t need any kind of tutorial that how to use them. But, If you use one of them and face any problem you can command, I will write an article on this topic. Now we know more information about all the best blood pressure apps for android. Now we know about all apps one by one. All apps are the best blood pressure apps for android in 2022.

  1. Pulsepoint Respond

You should always be ready in case cardiac issues emerge. This app monitors your heart rate to provide immediate assistance wherever you are. In case of a cardiac emergency, it puts you in touch with local people who know CPR.

Pulsepoint Respond

Using your location services, this app will alert anyone around to come to your aid and do CPR until emergency medical services arrive. You may use a bogus GPS programme on your smartphone to alter your location services. It directs the rescuers and gives them instructions on where to find the closest automated external defibrillator.

This app not only notifies you if someone needs CPR but also of any local events or crises. As a result, you and your loved ones may feel secure using our app.

  1. Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app turns your phone into a smart clock. It will wake you up even when you are in the lightest stages of sleep because it has smart analyses.

Sleep Cycle

When you wake up in your lightest sleep phase, you will feel relaxed and well-rested. You may know that adults should sleep for 7 to 9 hours per day.

And if they don’t, they’ll have to deal with a rise in blood pressure. The sleep cycle lets you sleep for 7 hours without getting up and wakes you up after your deepest phase of sleep.

  1. Corneum

The Cormeum app aims to address problems with health failing. Additionally, the app monitors heart health to foresee any potential risks users may encounter. It’s under the best blood pressure apps for android this year.

One of the top heart rate monitor applications will create a graph and send out crucial notifications. Users may always access these charts. The app also tracks when and how much you’ve taken your prescriptions. You may simply share your health information with any specialist you want with just one press.

  1. Cardio

This is one of the finest iPhone applications for measuring heart rate that your camera sensors to detect the user’s pulse. To use this heart rate monitor for iPhone, you must launch the Android BlueTooth heart rate monitor application and cover the camera with your finger. The Heart Rate App will read your pulse using sensors and deliver a result.

This heart rate monitor app from Cardiio, Inc. has 50k reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the App Store. Cardiio has been highlighted in several publications and television programmes as one of the finest heartbeat applications. ABC News, CBS, Cult of Mac, Lifehacker, and PC Magazine are some of the most renowned venues that have recommended this app.

  1. Welltory

Millions of people all around the world use this top heart rate app to monitor their health. Welltory, one of the top fitness apps, is free and has all the essential functions you want.

If you want to monitor heart rate on iPhones and Android devices, the app is the ideal companion since it supports up to 120 applications and gadgets and offers smart heart reports. It’s one of the best blood pressure apps for android.

  1. Fit Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

This best app to check pulse rate is a smart way to improve your health. It was made by MotiFIT Fitness Inc. Sensors are used by the app to keep track of heart rates and pulses.

Fitbit, Spotify, STRAVA, and other well-known brands back FITIV to make this app work better and be more accurate. The heart rate app is free to download and use on both Android and iOS.This is an alternative option to Welltory and the best blood pressure apps for android.

  1. Instant Heart Rath

Users of iOS, Android, and Windows may install Instant Heart Rate. One of the iPhone-compatible heart rates monitors measures heart rate via the camera.

Instant Heart Rath

You may see your heartbeats on wave charts that are provided. There are around 35 million users of the app worldwide, and it has been highlighted on prestigious news websites like CNN, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, etc.

Your findings will be exported by the programme in 10 seconds, it claims. The heart rate monitor app provides subscription services with monthly or yearly commitments. From $10 per month to $60 per year, prices range.

  1. Heart Rate Plus

Apple and Android users may download the Heart Rate Plus – Heart Rate App. More than 1.8k people have reviewed the heart rate monitor app on the Apple Store, giving it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. The app is created by PVDAPPS. One of the heart rate monitors for the iPhone that is free to use utilises a camera to check your heart rate and track your pulse.

Additionally, the heart rate monitor app itself allows you to store created information in the form of graphs, short notes, etc. with various categories of your choice. You may also see a real-time graph from the heart rate app once it has performed analysis. This app is also the of the best blood pressure apps for android.

Additionally, the heart rate monitor app itself offers a Pro edition with ad removal for a fee. This app is one of the best blood pressure apps for android in 2022.

  1. Blood Pressure Log

This blood pressure monitoring application allows you to record your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as your weight, heart rate, and physical exertion.

You can construct charts, define categories, and write labelled data in exportable formats such as Excel and TXT, etc. This blood pressure monitoring application also allows you to rapidly email your data to physicians.

  1. Withings Health Mate

If you only want to keep track of your blood pressure for the basics, this app may do the job. Withings is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it also works with a wide variety of other health monitoring apps. Withings smart pressure gadgets provide more than just a blood pressure tracker, so you can get your hands on one if you’re interested in that kind of monitoring. giving you the full functionality of the app.

Withings Health Mate

So what? You may quickly and simply send your medical records to your doctors, such as your blood pressure readings, ECG results, and other vitals. can watch now has an integrated sleep monitoring function. Also, your weight chart now has a different configuration.

  1. Calm

Download the calm app if you want to practise mindfulness and meditation without having to leave your home. This application is designed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. This app provides guided meditation sessions. This app may be relied upon by people who have never meditated before or those who are at an intermediate level.


This app may help you regulate your stress levels. Using this app, you may reduce the possibility of recurrent short-term blood pressure. You may pick from a range of meditation durations to suit your schedule.

  1. Blood Pressure Monitor

The blood pressure cuff is a fun way to keep track of blood pressure. But these days, everyone wants things to be easy. And the best way to show this is to have a blood pressure monitor on your phone.

Blood Pressure Monitor

This app lets you record and keeps track of your vital signs and other basic information, such as your medications. So that you can make a full picture of how trends look. It’s a great fun app because you can easily sync your data across all of your devices and send it to email. So that people who care about you and your healthcare provider know how you’re doing.

  1. Pacer

Take your fitness trainer anywhere you go. Pacer provides a step tracker in addition to a pedometer; it’s like having a walking companion everywhere you go. With its individualised training programme, you may reach your fitness objectives.


Physical exercise is among the most effective strategies to reduce blood pressure. And this health coach app encourages you to engage in regular activity, such as 30 minutes of walking. This application can count your steps and monitor them throughout the day, whether your mobile device is in your hand, purse, or pocket.

It can monitor the time, distance, and calories burnt during an exercise. Additionally, it keeps you motivated by linking you to your family via a walking group.

  1. Blood Pressure Companion

This app allows you to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight. Additionally, you may visually monitor your blood pressure with this application, which has a graph, log, and histogram. The blood pressure companion app provides simple monitoring of diastolic and systolic blood pressure through a chart.

Blood Pressure Companion

This app will ensure that you never miss a blood pressure test by providing a reminder. If your blood pressure readings are abnormal, you can rapidly choose how to tackle the situation after monitoring your blood pressure. This application may be used to share your readings with your doctor.

  1. Cardiogram

Cardiogram is one of the best workout apps, and you can use it to check your heart rate on your iPhone or Android phone. This will help you stay on track with your daily health.

If you work out often, Cardiogram can give you detailed workout data that you can look at whenever you want. The app has a special feature that lets you share your heart data with other app owners so they can use it for scientific research. Also, Cardiogram is among the best blood pressure apps for android.

  1. Qardio

The Qardio best blood pressure apps for android give you both a way to track your blood pressure and a way to keep track of what you do.


The best way to use this app is with other Qardio health monitoring devices. It lets you check your blood pressure and weight automatically on your own. Another important thing about this app is that it lets you add data about everything by hand, except for your activity and steps, which are automatically tracked by a wearable or Google Fit.

It can be used to measure blood pressure by hand, and it also has a small table with information about different blood pressure levels. Qardio works with both iOS and Android, as well as with Apple Health and Google Fit.

  1. Blood Pressure Diary

Start keeping track of your blood pressure using this mobile app. All of the aforementioned applications are fantastic for monitoring your blood pressure. Blood Pressure Diary is one of the trusted apps for checking BP and is also among the best blood pressure apps for android this year.

Blood Pressure Diary

However, if you want to use a more conventional method of monitoring your blood pressure and would like an app to help you keep track of your readings, this straightforward diary app is ideal.

The blood pressure diary app allows you to manually record your diastolic and systolic readings as well as your pulse, along with relevant tags, the current date, and any other comments you may find helpful. The app is user-friendly and provides a diary for tracking vitals such as blood pressure.

  1. Omron Connect

The Omron connect app may be used as an alternative to the Withings health app. It may be advantageous or disadvantageous for some activities; in short, it depends on your requirements and preferences. To utilise Omron connect effectively, you must have an Omron device that is compatible. Without one, you cannot even access the main menu.

omron connect

Therefore, if you are using a blood pressure device that does not enable smart alternatives, this app is inappropriate for you. Similarly, if you can afford the most advanced health monitoring equipment, then Omron connect is your best alternative.

  1. Bloodpressuredb

This blood pressure monitoring application allows you to input your weight, body temperature, pulse, and diabetes so that you and your doctor can analyse your health swiftly.

This blood pressure app also allows you to see colour-coded charts and manage your medical paperwork across numerous devices, allowing you to access your information from anywhere. There are lots of apps that provide BP Checkup services but this app is among the best blood pressure apps for android.

  1. My Diet Coach

My diet coach, you can learn to avoid food cravings, stay motivated, and make some small changes to your daily life. One of the main things that lead to high blood pressure is being overweight.

My Diet Coach

The more you gain weight, the higher your blood pressure will be. So, if you have high blood pressure and are overweight, losing weight is the best way to avoid it. Set your weight loss goals in my diet coach app to be able to track your progress every day.

It gives you a picture-based weight loss app that lets you see your weight going down visually. The best thing about this app is that it gives you rewards when you succeed in losing weight.

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FAQ about Blood Pressure Apps for Android

Q.1. How accurate are android blood pressure apps?

There are popular blood pressure monitoring applications for both Apple iPhones and Android phones. In general.

The research revealed that the apps are useful for monitoring blood pressure, but they cannot really measure blood pressure; instead, they infer your blood pressure from other data, such as your finger pulse.

We mention all the best blood pressure apps for android in the present year.

Q.2. When shouldn’t you take your blood pressure?

Always take two or three readings whenever you measure anything to ensure that the findings are consistent.

The person providing your medical treatment may suggest measuring your blood pressure at the same time each day. You shouldn’t take your blood pressure reading so soon after waking up.

Q.3. How old you are affects your blood pressure?

The vascular system, which is the network of blood vessels in your body, changes as you get older. Blood pressure goes up because the arteries get stiffer. This can be true even for people who take good care of their hearts and feel fine.


If you were looking for the best chat plugin for WordPress, we hope this list was helpful. We worked hard to put together this list to meet your needs. On the list, we recommend Zendesk, Olark, Livechat, and Formilla as the best ones for your online business. You can also tell us about your top choices from the list and give us other good ideas in the box below. We discuss all the latest apps this year and they all are the best blood pressure apps for android.

Hope you read the article and It’s very helpful for you and also your health. Stay happy and healthy and if you get proper knowledge and help from here please share this with your friend and family member. Thank you so much for reading.

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