Top 20 FREE Last seen Checker App for Whatsapp in 2022

If a contact’s status is concealed in the app, it might be challenging to monitor their online activities. However, we can assist you there! In Today’s article, we will inform you top 20 free Last seen checker app for Whatsapp in 2022.

Top 20 FREE Last seen Checker App for Whatsapp in 2022

We have evaluated several applications that can tell you when someone last used the internet. Additionally, you may utilise Android’s Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games if you need to keep your phone’s discussions secret from anybody who influences you. Nobody will even suspect that you are hiding anything.

What is Whatsapp’s Last Seen Checker App?

The WhatsApp Last Seen checker app has a full list of online and offline activities for all of your contacts. It will identify the number right away and even stop telemarketers from calling you. It works all the time. You can change how notifications sound to suit your needs.

Why Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker apps are Paid?

Whatsapp Saw tracker apps show your contact’s WhatsApp last seen activity. All Activities are stored as Log files in the (app company) server. The company owner or app developer buys the server and maintained it every day.

So, For maintenance and to keep the data safe they charge some money as a premium membership. After a Sartain period, you can’t use the App and the app stopped showing activities.

List of Top 20 Free Last Seen Checker Apps for Whatsapp:

  1. wFamily

We use WhatsApp daily, with breaks. Whenever we check our phones, we must also check WhatsApp, as the majority of our communications are now conducted through the app. This app is useful for monitoring your WhatsApp usage and tracking your family’s last seven times.


There is no need to touch the chat button; with this app, you can track every moment spent online. Perfect statistics will be provided. You can use different sounds for different profiles.

  1. Yansa

Millions of people have downloaded Yansa because it is the best online tracker app currently available. In addition to its impressive set of capabilities, you’ll like the alerts it gives you any time a friend you’re connected with on WhatsApp or Telegram goes online or offline. More than ten profiles’ information can be displayed on a single page.


You can assign unique tones to each of your contacts for faster messaging. A user’s WhatsApp session duration is publicly viewable information. There will be a digital countdown and analogue clock-style display for the time remaining. The day and date are also included for clarity when monitoring.

  1. Chat Track

This WhatsApp saw online tracker app fulfils the requirements of millions of people who use WhatsApp. Because it makes it easy to keep track of when your favourite person uses WhatsApp.


As you get messages and look at them from your notifications, this app will send you a message when the person you choose is using WhatsApp. You will also see if he or she is online or not.

  1. iFamily

This application is useful for family monitoring and even self-monitoring. If you want to monitor your child’s internet behaviour, you must install the app on their mobile device as well. Then, provide tracking access by sending and receiving the request appropriately.

Now it will be easy to maintain communication with the selected individual. You will get daily updates on activities.

  1. Nowa

Now, like the other applications on our list, has a free trial period (here you will have 5 hours). However, you are pleased that you may continue to use the app for free. The only possible source of disruption is advertising.


With Nowa, it is possible to monitor the activities of children and family members if required. Nevertheless, you must acknowledge that self-reflection is occasionally essential. By inputting your phone number inside the app, you are thus able to manage your activity.

  1. InstaOnline

I must start by stating that this is a high-quality application. Its features are superior to those of Instagram, and most importantly, it is a dependable programme.

Appropriately, I should state that I have not experienced any of the issues mentioned in other systems. This is one of the few apps with helpful functionality in addition to premium ones.

  1. WaStat

If you want to know when your kids or other loved ones log on to the internet, WaStat is a fantastic last saw online tracker tool. When a user goes offline, you’ll receive a notification as well.

You may check the clock to see how much time you and your contacts have spent on social media like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. WaStat also provides access to tracking reports from the month before. Over ten profiles can be added at once for tracking.

  1. Powa

Powa is one of the best services for monitoring the social network profiles of your loved ones. Use Powa if you need to monitor your children, for instance.


When the person of interest comes online, you will get an immediate notification on your phone. And even if the individual’s last seen status is deactivated, you can still follow their activity.

Additionally, you will have access to historical records that you may filter by date and time.

  1. WhatsTracker

WhatsTracker allows you to monitor your WhatsApp use. You’ll be able to monitor up to three individuals. The app provides a 6-hour trial version, after which you can decide whether to continue using it.

When trying the trial version, everything performed well. Without any hiccups or mistakes. When you access or depart WhatsApp, you get alerts with the hour and duration of your use. There is an overview of WhatsApp’s time use.

  1. WhatsDog

WhatsDog is another well-known app that lets you see WhatsApp statuses without being seen. This lets you see what anyone online on WhatsApp is doing.


Concerning how to see hidden Last Seen on WhatsApp, you can track all or certain WhatsApp users on your phone without opening WhatsApp. This is a unique feature of this app. In this app, the calendar lets you switch between different dates. So you can look at the data you’ve already saved. And there’s another menu that lets you see what’s going on that day.

  1. Chat Track 2022

Many people have long since changed WhatsApp from a basic method of communication into a surveillance tool.

Not being able to directly inquire about a certain individual, many opt to watch their activities using WhatsApp, examining when and how often the targeted individual used the messenger. However, you are no longer dependent only on yourself.

  1. Online Tracker For WhatsApp

Online Tracker For WhatsApp,  which operates only with the web. Track the online or offline status of your connections. Receive chrome alerts when a contact in your WA account goes online or offline or begins drafting a message. Also displays the time of the last interaction.

  1. WhatsChat

Excellent application for monitoring the status of any contact. The trial edition is at least 24 hours free. Each time you log in, you are informed of the remaining duration of the trial period.


If you need to monitor your child’s internet activity, you may use this application to do so.

You simply need to input the target contact’s phone number to begin tracking. You will then get a notification whenever someone joins the messenger.

  1. OneTracker

OneTracker is also a great tool if you need to monitor a contact’s online state. Additionally, it will provide session history.

The programme provides a 24-hour trial period for testing all of its features. WaAdmin’s visual component will also make you pleased. View the activities of your contacts in a simple chart format.

  1. Logify

Login, a service created for parents, provides the online status of your kid or spouse. Monitor your child’s Internet use. Asleep? or didn’t sleep? Receive immediate alerts and thorough reports.

Do you ever question if your children are asleep or awake? When did your youngster last use the Internet? Using internet tracking, analyse actions. Receive alerts while online.

  1. WaLog

Do you want to track how much time your children spend online and offline? Time may be measured online and offline. The time may be adjusted by day, week, and month. An app that is available at all times.


You may get alerts at your convenience. This programme is user-friendly and accessible to anyone. With notification history and thorough analysis, you are ahead of the game. Using the comparison function, you may compare online timings. You may get online/offline status updates. There are several ways to include family members.

Our crew is always available to provide complete assistance around the clock.

You may compare two unique integers.

  1. WaStat

There are several contacts on our phone or WhatsApp, but some are very important to us, such as our family or children, therefore we often yearn for an app that notifies us of their online presence.


Therefore, this last saw internet tracker tool is appropriate for these individuals. Because this application delivers alerts, makes reports, and displays graphs to monitor the online activity of your chosen profiles. The application features a highly attractive and captivating UI. It is always active to keep you updated throughout the day.

  1. Online Monitor

This app has everything a parent or other caretaker may want, and then some. As soon as it detects an online user, it will sound an alarm. Likewise, their intervals and timings during their time away from the internet will be displayed. This filtering feature is offered to make things easier to understand and navigate. This programme provides reports based on a specified date and time, so you don’t have to track continuously if you don’t want to. Their digital footprint can be measured in three simple ways.

  1. Warp

This application has several favourable evaluations on the market, and for good cause. 3-day trial period. Awesome! The sole restriction is that just one phone number may be added throughout this time. However, you may add an infinite amount of contacts if you subscribe.

The UI is intuitive. There is the option to download information. And after the conclusion of the trial time, the data remains intact. Nice attributes. It is simple to set up alerts and monitor numbers at any moment.

  1. WaRadar

You may trace the time of the last visit to any WhatsApp contact, as well as access other helpful spy tools, using this excellent programme.


As soon as the desired contact appears online on WhatsApp, you will receive a notification and gain access to the history of his visits to the messenger.

To begin utilising the application, you must perform the following: Enter the person’s name and phone number into the app and click “Start Tracking.” You will then begin to get information about the last visit time for this individual.

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FAQs About Free Last seen Checker App for Whatsapp :

Q.1. How can I know if someone is seeing my WhatsApp last seen?

Will They Know If I Check Their WhatsApp Last Seen? No, no one can presently verify whether you’ve seen someone’s Last Seen on WhatsApp, and there are no applications that allow this. This is handy if you want to determine who else has seen the other person’s tale, but is otherwise useless.

Q.2. Does the last seen Checker show last seen if blocked?

Yes, the Last seen tracker is a third-party app and they just use WhatsApp API.So, They show last seen if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

Q.3. How does the last seen checker work?

Last, Seen is a WhatsApp feature that enables your contacts to view the time and date of your most recent use of the service. This feature displays instead of the “Online” status while WhatsApp is not at the forefront, letting people know when you last signed in.

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